Revised April 88 2016

Revisions in Bold



ARTICLE I           The name of this Constitution shall be “Biggar Minor Hockey Association”

 ARTICLE II         The Biggar Minor Hockey Association will be a member of S.H.A. and shall govern within the framework of the S.H.A.

 ARTICLE III        The aims and the objectives of this Association shall be:


  • (a) To promote, govern and organize hockey in Biggar, SK.
  •  (b) To develop and stress values, appreciation and skills involved in hockey.
  •  (c) To exercise a general supervision and direction over playing interests of its Players, Coaches, Managers and Executive, with emphasis on the enhancement of good character, citizenship and sportsmanship.
  •  (d) To ensure enjoyment of the game through competitive participation.
  •  (e) To develop as many teams at each level as are practical and feasible.
  •  (f) To provide opportunity for all who are interested in playing hockey.


ARTICLE IV        Membership

  •  (a) All Minor Hockey teams in Biggar shall be a member of Biggar Minor Hockey Association


ARTICLE V         The Biggar Minor Hockey Association shall have direct jurisdiction to register and govern all age groups in Hockey below the category of Junior B in Biggar.



The Biggar Minor Hockey Association will have a Release Policy as follows:                         

  •  (a)            All players who are intending on trying out for AA or AAA programs must submit their intentions in writing to BMHA President or Secretary, by September 1st of the season. If the player is successful in making the team the player will be released.
  •  (b) All players must register with the Biggar Minor Hockey Association by September 1st of the season. If the Biggar Minor Hockey Association is not able to have a team for a specific age category, players who registered by the deadline will be granted a release from the Biggar Minor Hockey Association in order to register with another Association. Players who did not register with the Biggar Minor Hockey Association will not be granted a release until a fee of $500.00 is paid to the Biggar Minor Hockey Association.


A Player registered with the Biggar Minor Hockey Association may play for more than one team but must have a Priority Team. If they quit their Priority team then they will no longer be registered with the Biggar Minor Hockey Association until a ruling has been made by the Biggar Minor Hockey Association as to just cause and no refund will be awarded. The Player must first commit to their Priority team and alternate arrangements may be made under the discretion of the Biggar Minor Hockey Association.




ARTICLE IV        Organization

                               The B.M.H.A. shall operate through the Executive consisting of:


                              Vice President

                              5-7 other elected executive members

 Committee members at large who will assist the BMH executive by attending meetings as required will be Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, Ref in Chief, Equipment Manager, Website Coordinator, and the managers of each team representing BMH.


Disciplinary Committee is made up of all Executive Members


 The executive will be responsible for setting the goals and objectives of the organization as well as policies and procedures to make those happen.  Some of those duties may include:

-Setting a vision and mission statement that will guide all BMH activities and decisions once that is in place making sure it is executed annually and modified if required by vote of the general membership
- put in place various procedures to ensure the vision and mission are executed (such as but not limited to affiliated player procedures, partnerships with other MH organizations, clinics, standardized coaching plans, selecting coaching staff for teams taking into full consideration the recommendations of team mangers and parents)
- creating committees to look after day to day operations or special events ( coaching meetings for mentorship, BMH Day, AGM, BMH wind up)

 Managers will also be asked to give monthly reports to the board on team activities and issues and the board will act in an advisory capacity when managers have issues that need to be dealt with and if necessary will deal with team issues at an executive level if they can not be worked out at the team level.



ARTICLE VII       Time and Method of electing Officers


  • (a) Association and Executive members will be elected at the Annual Meeting.
  •  (b) Association and Executive members will remain on the Executive for one year.
  •  (c) Voting privileges at Annual Meeting are extended to all members of B.M.H.A. who have reached legal voting age. Members: all parents or legal guardians of children registered in the B.M.H.A.



ARTICLE VIII                       Time and Place of meetings


  • (a) The Annual Meeting will be in April of each year.
  •  (b) At least one regular meeting will be held each month during hockey season.
  •  (c) The time and place of the Annual meeting shall be determined by the Executive and publicly advertised.
  •  (d) Addition “Special Meetings” can be called at the discretion of the Executive (majority).
  •  (e) Twenty members of the Association may send in a written requisition that requires the Executive to call a Special Meeting of the Executive for the purpose stated in the requisition.


ARTICLE IX        The Chairperson of meetings will use generally accepted Parlimentary procedures to conduct the order of business.




                              Number necessary for quorum:

  •  (a) Quorum for Annual Meeting shall be 20 members.
  •  (b) Quorum for transaction meetings (monthly) shall be half of the Executive plus one.




  • (a) Coaches will be chosen by the Executive taking into consideration past coaching staff and team manager recommendations
  •  (b) Team colors for B.M.H.A. will be black, yellow and white, with black being the predominant color.
  •  (c) Each executive member will have one vote at Executive meetings 
  • (d) If at any time any member of the Executive finds themselves in the position of a conflict of interest regarding any issue, he or she shall abstain from voting as an Executive member on the issue and will leave the meeting while the issue is being discussed
  •  (e) All players will be expected to play with their own age group. However, if extenuation circumstances exist such as exceptional hockey ability or shortage of players, the team (s) involved must have approval from the Executive.
  •  (f) All B.M.H.A. managers and coaches will be responsible to Executive for their own player’s conduct on and off the ice. The Executive has the power to discipline or discharge any coach, manager or player on a majority vote of the Executive.
  •  (g) If at any time any member of the Executive finds themselves in the position of a conflict of interest regarding any issue, he or she shall abstain from voting as an Executive member on the issue.
  •  (h) Manager’s duties include day-to-day team operations as well as sitting on or finding representatives for the special committees. They will also act, as advisors to the board in situations were the board might need input on how things a progressing at the grass roots level.  They will also act as the liaison for the general membership to bring none emergency issues or ideas to the board (examples we need to deal with dressing room bullying, we need to deal with team commitment, registration forms need to advise of required fundraising or team fee commitments)
  •  (i) If in any given year at the AGM there are no accepted nominations or volunteers to sit on the board as an executive member the resigning board can ask acting managers to fill the vacancies to a maximum of the 7 elected positions.




  • (a) Any motion to amend this constitution must be presented in written form to the Secretary at least thirty days before it is to be voted on.
  •  (b) The Amendment must receive 75% majority of members present.
  • (c) Any motion to amend the Constitution can only be made at a General Annual Meeting.
  •  (d) This Association at any Annual, Special, General or Executive Meeting may adopt, amend, revise or repeal rules or regulations for the governance of this Association, provided that thirty days notice in writing has been given to the Secretary of B.M.H.A. and communicated to the members of the Executive at least fifteen days prior to holding such a meeting.




  • All players should be registered by Oct. 15th of the hockey year.
  • Post-dated cheques will be accepted until Nov. 1st.
  • First Executive meeting of the year in September will set rates for the different age groups in hockey. Requests for ice time will be made at this time.
  • All practices should start and end promptly.
  • All practice and game times that are not going to be used must cancelled with the Rec Director. Once the ice time has been given back, the manager is to make the other teams aware that the ice is now available for them to book through the Rec Director.
  • Practice and game times should not be traded continuously between Managers. All teams should have the opportunity to receive spare ice time.
  • Tournament requests will be dealt with at the first Executive meeting in the fall.
  • Traditionally, the Atom Tourny is held in November.       Whoever is looking after the Atoms should contact figure skating to see what day their Sectionals are being held.
  • Tournaments should try to make money or at least break even. It is allowable for teams to arrange for some kind of sponsor for their tourney, ie: Chips, pop, medals, banners, etc. This is usually done for Atoms down to Jr. Novice (Initiation).
  • If there are any other games following the tournament, the age group holding the tournament must endeavor to be off the ice before the next game is to start.
  • The minimum amount of money held in the bank accounts of Biggar Minor Hockey be increased to $45,000.       Money above this amount can be credited to returning BMHA players for the next season as the incoming executive deems fit(motion carried 2010)
  • Explanation of above point The money should be safeguarded as BMH has lost money in previous years. Operation costs for an average season is approximately $55,000.
  • Jersey # 3 is retired from use with Biggar Minor Hockey in honor of Allan Ireland and the contributions he made to the organization. The only player’s allowed to use Jersey # 3 will be his family members


REFUND POLICY: A refund of 75% of the full registration fee (less insurance, power skating costs and family fees) paid shall be issued if a player quits prior to Dec. 1st.

  • : A refund of 50% of the full registration fee (less insurance, power skating costs and family fees) paid shall be issued if a player quits prior to Dec. 31st.  The Association fee is NON REFUNDABLE. A formal letter requesting the refund must be provided to the Registrar within seven (7) days of notification that the player has quit.
  • : There shall be NO refund issued if a player quits after Dec. 31st.  The effective date for all refunds shall be the date that the Registrar is informed that the player has quit. A formal letter of notification that the player has quit must be provided to the Registrar.

          : There shall be no appeal of this refund policy. Medical circumstances will be considered with attached documentation.


LATE REGISTRATION POLICY: The late registration policy will follow the   current refund calculation in reverse, minus power skating if power skating is over, pro rate it if there is some power skating left and add the $50 late fee.





  • All major fundraising will be done by the Fundraising Chairperson. No fundraising will be done by individual teams unless a specific “AA” team is formed in Biggar, which allows a large amount of monies to be raised.
  • A major raffle has been used at the beginning of the year to raise monies for Minor Hockey and this should be continued, if possible.
  • Any monies required by teams for extra tournaments, carded teams, etc. will have to come out of the parents pockets.
  • AMENDMENT: Monies earned by individual teams from half and half draws, stick raffles, puck tosses, raffle tables and bake sales at either games or tournaments will be kept by the team earning it.






  • The Executive of Biggar Minor Hockey should strive to do their best for the good of Minor Hockey and not just their individual teams.
  • The Executive will set policies as they come up or as they are needed.
  • Anyone in attendance at an Executive meeting must vote on issues that require a vote unless they are in a conflict of interest situation.
  • If there are enough people on the Executive at a meeting for a Quorum, then any vote requiring someone to leave the room because of a conflict will then be held with the remaining members and the majority decision will prevail.
  • Members of the Executive are set out in the Constitution.




  • Teams should try their utmost to see that all players have the chance to develop their hockey skills through participation in practices and games.
  • A reasonable and fair amount of ice time should be given to all players regardless of their size, shape or ability. We must recognize that sooner or later players will decide when they no longer wish to play and it is not Minor Hockey’s intention to keep only the best players playing.
  • Parents and players must also realize that there are times when the coaches will decide to strengthen their lines to decide the outcome of a game, however, for the Coach’s part, this should be the exception instead of the rule.
  • Teams will be run under the direction of Coaches and Managers and not by the players or parents. If anyone has concerns about the running of the team by the Coaches and Manager, then their concerns should be brought up to the Manager and Coaches first and, if the issue cannot be resolved there, then it should be brought to the Executive of Biggar Minor Hockey.



Carded Team Play or Spring Hockey Teams


       While we encourage BMH members to do things to help them grow and develop as a player, we must stress that BMH team commitments must come first. If BMH is made aware that this has not happened, the executive and team officials will be expected to deal with the matter and may discipline the offending players or team officials. As per the SHA bylaws, the Executive will also make SHA aware of the infraction as not to compromise BMH's standings with SHA. (SHA bylaws 6.05.05d and 6.10.02- 2.2h)




This policy will help reinforce the positive behaviors we are expecting out of all members of our association. The policy now states that if any person that is a part of Biggar Minor Hockey, be it player, coach, ref, parent, executive member, etc, should conduct themselves in a way that conflicts with the Codes of Conduct (copy below) to an extent that is brought to the Board, there will be 3 steps in dealing with the person in question for that season:

  1. On a first offense against the above Codes of Conduct, the person will first receive a ‘Reminder Letter’ of the proper Codes of Conduct along with an explanation of what their offensive behavior was, and that if their behavior should go against the Codes of Conduct again within that season, then Steps 2 and/or 3 below will be taken.
  2. On a second offence, the person will not be allowed to attend Minor Hockey events for a period of one month following.

Should a third offence occur, the person will not be allowed to attend Minor Hockey events for the remainder of that hockey season


Social Media Policy


Biggar Minor Hockey will use the SHA Social Media Policy regarding all circumstances dealing with social media.



Harassment Policy


Biggar Minor Hockey will follow the Hi-Way 14 and SHA Harassment Policy's regarding all circumstances dealing with harassment.


Action Detrimental to Biggar Minor Hockey

  1. a) If, in the opinion of the executive, based upon such information and reports as they may receive, any act or conduct of any official of a team, player or executive member, whether during or outside the playing season, has been dishonorable, including the use of racial epithets or racist acts, prejudice to or against the welfare of BMH,HW14HL, SHA or the game of hockey, they may expel or suspend such person. The President shall notify the individual involved of the situation and that the conduct is being investigated by Biggar Minor Hockey.
  2. b) Prior to any decision being made, an executive member, a player or member team has the right to submit a written report of the incident as long as the report is received by the President via electronic message no later than noon of the day following the notification noted above in






I will:

  • 1) Support my child with positive encouragement.
  • 2) Respect and adhere to the ideals, policies, and rules determined by Hockey Canada, SHA, BMHA and my child’s team.
  • 3) Maintain self control at all times.
  • 4) Encourage my child to attend as many games and practices as reasonably possible in a timely manner. Notify the coach/manager ahead of time of absences.
  • 5) Respect facilities, either home or away, in which my child is privileged to play.
  • 6) Show respect for the decisions, judgment and authority of officials.
  • 7) Show respect for the feelings and accept the capabilities of my child, my child’s teammates and players on the other team.
  • 8) Practice teamwork with all parents, athletes and coaches by supporting the values of discipline, loyalty, commitment and hard work.
  • 9) As a parent, I will not coach or instruct my child or any other player at practices, games or team functions (from the stands or any other areas) or interfere with the coaches.
  • 10) Refrain from expressing my opinion of the coaches or players in front of my own child.
  • 11) As a parent, I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward the coaches, officials and or any other player will not be permitted.
  • 12) Refrain from yelling at or threatening referees, opposing players or coaches, before, during or after games or practices.
  • 13) Refrain from demonstrating frustration or anger after a loss or poor performance.
  • 14) Not abuse/harass any other person.
  • 15) Demonstrate good sportsmanship by conducting myself in a manner that earns the respect of my child, other athletes, parents, officials and the coaches.
  • 16) Accept defeat the game above the prize.

Sanctions: Should I conduct myself in such a way that brings discredit or discord to Biggar Minor Hockey Association or my team I voluntarily subject myself to disciplinary action. As a result of my actions I understand that I may be brought in front of Biggar Minor Hockey Association where my actions will be dealt with, resulting in disciplinary action.



Communication Process









As a team (Parents, coaches and players) it is everyone’s responsibility to create a positive team dynamic that will show leadership and respect, starting with the parent to parent relationships. Parents need to lead by example. As a parent, if you have an issue with a coach, manager or fellow parent, conduct a meeting away from the team. Address the issues at hand and agree on a solution to the problem. Do not get into the habit of having a silent majority (a small group of parents who have issues and say nothing in public).

As a parent remember that everything you say on the way home from the rink is heard from the passengers in your car. If you have issues with the coaches or parents on the team, try not to voice these opinions when your child is around. There is nothing more disheartening for a child, than to hear his/her parents cutting down members of the team.

Remember- if your team has open communication and you use common sense when issues prevail, the matter will be resolved in a professional manner.


Each parent should let those empowered to coach, coach. There may be times in each season when the team is losing, but do not lose fact of the matter, that winning means nothing, and that skill acquisition and fun, are at the forefront of an enjoyable season. If the players are having fun and improving skills, then the coach needs to be commended for a job well done. If you have a problem with the coach, do not go to other parents to discuss. Go to the coach involved and discuss the issue at hand.

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